Arhive zilnice: decembrie 1, 2009

And the winner is…..


Va mai amintiti articolul:  Scriitorii si sexul?

Ei bine, castigatorul din 2009 este Jonathan Littell, pentru Les Bienveillantes. Cartea e pe my Christmas wish list….asa ca, in curand o sa pot sa imi dau cu parerea si personal despre ea.

Iata si citatul care a determinat castigarea premiului:

„Una had stretched out on the bed of the guillotine; I lifted the lunette, made her put her head through it, and closed it on her long neck, after carefully lifting her heavy hair. She was panting. I tied her hands behind her back with my belt, then raised her skirt. I didn’t even bother to lower her panties, just pushed the lace to one side and spread her buttocks with both hands: in the slit, nestling in hair, her anus gently contracted. I spit on it. ‘No,’ she protested. I took out my penis, lay on top of her, and thrust it in. She gave a long stifled cry. I was crushing her with all my weight; because of the awkward position – my trousers were hindering my legs – I could only move in little jerks. Leaning over the lunette, my own neck beneath the blade, I whispered to her: ‘I’m going to pull the lever, I’m going to let the blade drop.’ She begged me: ‘Please, fuck my pussy.’ – ‘No.’ I came suddenly, a jolt that emptied my head like a spoon scraping the inside of a soft-boiled egg.

Emile, ca bibliografie pentru memoriile tale, iata un  link  cu celelalte citate nominalizate ;)

PS. observ ca tot nu stiu sa fac linkurile alea….ma ajuta si pe mine cineva???

Update: Armin a reusit, cu rabdare, sa ma invete si faza asta cu linkurile… Hai, ca am prins repede:))